When one usually thinks of the alley, the backs of buildings come to mind. It is the place where the business of our daily lives is taken care of. The dirty business of rubbish removal; the heavy lifting of moving in or out; the delivery of large objects and groceries are all taken care of in the rear, out of site. However there is a place where the alley spills out into the street. It’s where the front of the building meets the side. This is where the facade is revealed to be just that, as most of the exterior is meant for business. It is this junction of form and function that I celebrate with these paintings.

That Little Feller

Exploring the subject of repurposing and challenging our assumptions of good taste, I paint over existing work in a grafitti-like manner, changing the entire meaning of the paintings.

Night Walk

I explore the urban environment at night. Rather than painting a scene, I piece together elements of the city to create a feeling of walking down a street. Severe cropping and odd angles give a feeling of uneasy intimacy with the space. In my work, I also look to express formal abstraction in the world around me.

The Middle Years

This is the work were I emersed myself in the night and dedicated my career to painting the night.

The Early Years

This was the period where I was figuring things out and remembered that I preferred night to day and relized that the sky was not blue but black.